[trans-] lation

trans :: across, beyond, through + lation :: the motion of an idea from one state to another

[TRANS-] is a critically-reviewed academic journal, published in print and online and curated by students at the University of Arizona.

The members of [trans] is proud to present our 2016 edition, [trans]-lation.

This volume contains the following work:


Between Love and Concrete by John Cassidy

BIM and the Changing Role of the Architect by Derin Fadina

The Loft Cinema by Bob Vint

Things One Might Lose on the Corporate Road of Innovation by Buse Aktas

Disillusioned by Sarah Wagner

Diagram States: From Exploratory to Explanatory by Armando Rigau

Nature of Science by Chris Trumble



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[TRANS-] is a non-profit, student-run academic journal made by the members of tsd at the college of architecture, planning, and landscape architecture at the university of arizona